Project 1:

Reflection on Amal Totkay

These Tips are very important for a complete growth mindset…like self talk…with this habbit ,we will give feedback to ourselves and try to come up with new ideas..Self reflection is the main and important thing that becoming clear on your core values will help to strengthen your integrity and lead you to better decisions and gives you confidence…As I am shy to speak in public that what people will thought about I’m trying to speak before mirror and helping myself to get out of my comfort zone’s my favorite tip.

Then second one is coming out of your comfort zone because by coming out of this we can do some thing big in our life and to achieve your goals you have to come out if your comfort biggning u will fail constantly but from each failure you will find a new lesson which helps you in achieving your goals.

By creating new habbits we can make our path easy for success like I face problem in english speaking so I am making a habbit to talk more in English and read newspapers, English short stories..

And where we feel difficulty we should ask people those people may b your team mates, your can take a feedback and get new ideas for perfection in your work.

And always show confidence and consistency in your work..



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